Replacing the front shock absorber SACHS Opel Astra – PL voice

Replacing the Front Shock Absorbers – Opel Astra G

Manual showing step by step how to replace shock absorber in a car Opel Astra G Shock absorbers supplied by the best online store in Poland – – Recommended!

The film long, but very accurate and detailed step-by-step! Polubcie and subskrybujcie my channel of guides and skomentujcie movie.

The first time I changed the front fork and decided to create the best, most accurate step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to learn to replace the shock absorber. I am convinced that with this guide NOBODY will have no problem with the exchange, even complete novice handyman.

Necessary tools and materials:

1. Combination wrenches or 19, 2x 18, 9 (mega facilitation is to have / borrow 12V electric impact wrench or pneumatic capping), it is advisable to have these keys, especially 18 in the long version or with extension, we recommend having CR-V keys – chrome vanadium, are very strong, usually cheap may break!
2. Key to tires, preferably telescopic, because nobody knows how hard you have tightened wheel!
3. WD40 to facilitate unscrewing nuts
4. Vehicle jack hydraulic or manual, at least 1, but you should have two to pick up the swingarm
5. wedges, bricks or wooden blocks for locking the rear wheels 4 pieces
6. Kobylka, blocks of wood or brick to be placed on their car at the time of installation
7. New shock absorbers, pillows, bumpers, bearings.
8. Pliers
9. Strippers for springs, 2 pieces
10. Wrench (recommended but not required), I still did not earn, but who knows soon.

The steps of the procedure (in great detail), I recommend to see an instructional video on my YouTube channel “” that shows you everything step by step:

1. We buy appropriate shock absorbers with new pads, bearings and high-quality odbojami, for example. SACHS, MONROE, KAYABA. I especially recommend to all my viewers online store where you buy any car parts for their cars, at the best price! Do not look elsewhere, it makes no sense! Confidence, Best Price and Full Support! I am using for several years, security purchases 100%
2. Apply the handbrake to lock the rear wheels
3. We block the rear wheels wedges, bricks or wooden blocks
4. Open the front hood prop protecting it.
5. Loosen the upper nut gently over the top cushion the shock absorber to loosen MacPherson column (to facilitate removal of the shock absorber, because it will be loose)
6. Loosen the wheel bolts gently, while on the ground. We do not unscrew completely, but gently. If you are secure before removing the screws, as here, a plate on allen, we must first be removed.
7. raise the front of the car lifting jack manual, hydraulic discretion.
8. Unscrew the wheel bolts completely and take off the wheel.
9. We put the car on trestles or blocks of wood to a car based on them, God forbid with the lifting jack, which can let go and mudguard can kill us if, for example.’ll Have your head in the wheel well!
10. Detachable ABS sensor plug and secure it against damage.
11. unfastening the brake pipe pliers protection and secure brake cable from damage by pulling it out of the holder.
12. scat 3 nuts (rod and damper) the type of preparation WD40 penetrating a minimum of a few minutes before loosening, makes it easier to unscrew the nuts.
13. Unscrew the stabilizer bar by inserting a flat key 19 at the back stick and holding it steady (VERY IMPORTANT) unscrew the front nut wrench 18 eyebolt, the socket or preferably an electric shock / pneumatic (YES IS SOON).
14. Unscrew the two nuts that hold the steering damper, we need to screw 18. 2 keys blocking in one place still holding key, unscrew second nut wrench (Socket on a large rattle, long ring spanner or impact wrench electric or pneumatic). If you bet accordingly key on the bolt, it will not have to stick him, he locks, and all the attention will focus on removing the cap. If you do not give advice unscrew the nut with one key, can take a second extension using a ring spanner or wrench przedłużcie extension, eg. The tube.
15. We raise from the bottom of the lift control arm high enough to easily pull the stabilizer bar with shock absorber. Without raising arm, the rod does not come out, and if necessary. Tapping rod bolt with a hammer will damage the threads of the rod, and do not want that.
16. Leave the swingarm on the bottom, pull the jack from under the arm.
17. Pull out the 2 screws holding the shock absorber switches, which already odkręciliśmy nuts. To easily came out, just move one hand holding the steering and the brake disc bolts will be faced with no problem. It should be noted that between the screw and the shock absorber is metal bracket brake cable and plug ABS, be careful to gently secure the bracket to the sensor Kabelka not stopped or not damaged brake line.
18. Disconnect the main shock of moving knuckle shield, just come out (nothing here not to score, spring is still protected by the protective cap, no stress ).
19. Unscrew the nut cushion the shock absorber on the cup under the hood, which at the beginning of luzowaliśmy, worth keeping from the bottom with one hand shock absorber that holds only on the screw at the top, so that by loosening the screws at the top, damper did not go on the disc, ABS sensor or brake hose. Spring shock absorber weighs several kilos, so no problem we can handle.
20. Shock pulled out of the wheel arches, in addition we have the upper hand pillow and nut.
21. We assume 2 pullers for up to distant spring coils, 4 coils as standard. We turn a little bit each rib, so as to evenly compress the spring on both sides. Here one should act with caution, because the great forces at work here. Strippers must be of good quality and fully functional, without cracks and damage! Using pullers damaged or poor quality threatens the launch of the spring, injury or even death!
22. When the spring tight cuffs napną and the upper cushion will run indefinitely, is loose, we can begin the most important unscrew the nut that holds the spring. Unscrew the nut ring spanner or flat 18 and a flat or eyelet end of the shock absorber 9 counters, or two hands to unscrew the nut of the shock absorber two keys to the middle, to make sure that the bearing is not pushing for the nut. Unscrewing the nut bearing pillow should not put pressure on the cap, you should create a backlash. Only then will we know that the cuffs enough to attract spring and we can unscrew the nut to the end. You must operate safely and think what you are doing. Thoughtlessness is not indicated.
23. Before removing all the elements should photograph everything, mark with chalk to when submitting in the end everything was in the same position!
It should be noted that the lower end of the spring is or should be at a distance of 5 mm from the stop on the plate, so as to be well when we loosen the lanyard, it should pay particular attention.
24. Pull out sequentially pillow, bearing, buffer and spring with welts.
25. We put all the same and reverse order to the new shock absorber.
26. Screw self-Counter is supplied with the new shock absorber in a plastic cap or in a box or bag in a box of the new shock absorber.
27. The bearing of the plastic cover must be mounted flush between the tag and the rubber stopper at the bottom of the spring plate, parallel to the shock absorber.
28. I recommend you read assembly instructions, which should be included in the box of the damper, if necessary. buying the company can ask for sending an e-mail after the purchase. Many other companies do not have this type of documentation to access or not available!
29. Before plugging the new damper in the car, you should clean the cup body from top and bottom.
30. we assemble everything in reverse order which we conducted. Each action performed very carefully paying attention to the ABS sensor and brake hose.

If anyone has any questions, ask beneath the video on the exchange front shock absorber on our YouTube channel called – there answer any questions. Link to an instructional video: I hope that many of you will benefit and will be 100% prepared to replace the shock absorber.

The exchange was made in a car OPEL ASTRA G, born in 1998, x16xel. Operating time about 4 hours.

Used SACHS shock absorbers front.



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